Try virtual reality, a 3D 360 degree world of games and experiences for young and old. Once you put on the Vive headset, you're immersed into a world full of surprises. Walk around freely and explore everything. Stunning graphics make  it feel so real and surreal simultaneously. Try things that you would never do in real life. Our HTC VIVE arcade is the only one between Sydney and Melbourne and the only one in Australia to use the new 1080 graphics ability.

Your friends can sit back on the lounges and experience the game with you on our large monitors showing the game as you see it.

Games List

vr the blu
vr fantastic contraption
vr fruit ninja
vr cloudlands minigolf
vr job simulator
vr tilt brush image
vr space pirate trainer
vr raw data
vr audioshield
vr a10
vr king of spin
vr lightblade
vr sugeon simulator
vr quiver
vr the lab
vr brookhaven
vr hover junkers
vr funhouse
vr richies plank
vr rick and morty
vr apollo 11
vr baskhead
vr blocks
vr blue effect
vr escape the bunker
vr fancy skiing
vr ghost town mine ride
vr google earth
vr old friend
vr play things
vr invasion
vr virtually impossible
vr titanic
vr arizona sunshine
vr superhot
vr allumette
vr droid repair bay
vr dont knock twice
vr gnomes and goblins
vr waltz of the wizard

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  • must be 7 years or older.
  • children supervision advised.

Suitable for adults & children